We aim to engage our local communities through our partners (employees), dream big about what we can accomplish and celebrate local events and projects. We hope to have every store globally engaging in service by 2020—and we want to celebrate every community moment we can!

At Casanova we believe our store partners are the center of our communities- they have been serving proactively in their communities since Casanova’s founding! We strive to make it a little easier for our partners to create projects and relationships with local organizations. By providing them with the resources and inspiration to own the engagement in their neighborhoods and build lasting relationships with community members and organizations, they help leave long-term impact on those same neighborhoods. We also invest in our communities by providing sponsorships to local fighters and boxers – in 2018 we supported over 80 local boxers recommended by our regional leaders in the U.S. and engaging thousands of partners in service around issues that they are passionate about. Additionally, across the globe, nearly 50,000 partners participated in over 2800 projects during our Global Month of Service in April-that’s nearly 100 projects a day!

We believe service is an altruistic and deliberate effort to aid, uplift and add value to our communities. Sometimes this means participating in our year-round service activation related to projects that align to key social impact areas of focus. This includes support of opportunity youth through programs like mentoring and supporting military by adopting units and creating relationships with local organizations like Make A Wish. Through our partnership with Pro Boxing Supplies, partners also support local food banks and community agencies by donating food, providing financial support, and volunteering their time to help end hunger in their community. Additionally, partners are also working to keep their communities and our planet free of pollution and sustainable, through clean ups at parks and beaches, planting community gardens, and more!

These and many other programs are so important to our social impact work but sometimes, service also means simply hosting an event in our stores, which we consider community hubs, or providing a small community moment of kindness to someone in need.

We invite our partners, customers and community to join us in service to our communities. Our customers and partners can find opportunities that are not only in their cities but that also align with their passions and interests. Together, we can leave the world just a little better than how we found it.